So what is this?

I woke up one day and wanted to know the weather outside. I took out my phone and searched "Weather in Tel Aviv" in Google. Google told me it was 25C° outside.
This seemed a bit off to me and so I walked outside with a thermometer and checked the temperature, it was 23C° 😬.
I got curious why this has happened and discovered that it is because Google uses a 3rd party application,
For some reason, the data on is off by 1 or 2 °. I decided to try to build my own small weather station, especially since I am in the center of Tel Aviv allowing me to have the most accurate data.
After researching a bit, I purchased a RaspberryPi and the SenseHat and set up my mini weather station 🎉.
Okay so why the BitcoinSV? Good question, I have been playing around with the BitcoinSV Blockchain and felt this can be a nice project to host on it, and so, well, you see the result 😃.
Each transaction on the Blockchain costs me some $ so if you want to help out, send over some BitcoinSV using MoneyButton: